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Zarkorr! The Invader is a 1996 low-budget monster movie produced by Full Moon Entertainment.

It was planned for a limited theatrical release, but was instead was made a direct-to-video film.


Intelligent aliens who have been studying Earth for centuries decide to challenge mankind by sending in a 185-foot, laser-eyed monster called Zarkorr to wreak city-crushing havoc. Only one incredibly average young man, postal worker Tommy Ward (Rhys Pugh), can find the beast's weakness and save the planet with the help of a 6-inch-tall pixie (Torie Lynch), who says she is "a mental image projected into his brain" by the aliens. She explains that Zarkorr cannot be destroyed by weapons, but that the key to the monster's destruction lies within the monster itself. Tommy, chosen as an average human, is the one destined to fight Zarkorr, who is programmed to kill him. Tommy asks scientist Dr. Stephanie Martin (De'Prise Grossman) for advice about his mission, but everyone thinks he is crazy. He takes the scientist hostage, but manages to explain his predicament to one of the policemen, who believes him and helps him escape. Dr. Martin agrees to help him. Using computers belonging to a friend of hers, they establish that the monster, which is destroying city after city in the style of Godzilla, neither sleeps nor breathes. Going to the place where the monster first appeared, they come into possession of a strange metallic capsule that fell out of the sky at the time the monster arrived. It is believed to be unopenable, but it opens by itself for Tommy as he touches it. He uses the top of the capsule as a shield, reflecting Zarkorr's laser rays back at him, and the monster dissolves into a small glowing sphere flying into space. Tommy is taken to hospital to recover; a TV reporter congratulates him for saving the world, and he jokes he might run for president.[1]


Person Character
Franklin A. Vallette Horrace
Don Yanan Dunk
Peter Looney Billy
Dyer McHenry Al
Rhys Pugh (as Rees Christian Pugh) Tommy Ward
Torie Lynch Proctor
Stan Chambers Stan
Elizabeth Anderson herself
Robert Craighead Marty Karlson
Dileen Nesson Debby Dalverson
De'Prise Grossman Stephanie Martin
Mary Ostow Reporter
Jim Glassman Stage Manager
Emmett Grennan Crew Member
Mike Terner Guard One
Robert J. Ferrelli Guard Two
Ron Barnes Larry Bates
Mark HamiltonTemplate:Dn George Ray
Charles Schneider Arthur
Bob Van Dusen Winston Bergmann
Christopher Boyer John Blake
William KnightTemplate:Dn Sheriff Rocker
Dave Richards Welles
Ben Ramsey (as Ben 'Killa' Ramsey) Quincy
Steven Novak State Trooper
R. Allan Bexton Doctor
John Paul Fedele Zarkorr (uncredited)
File:Invader ZARKORR by invaderTRIPP666.jpg

Reused Footage

Like most low-budget films, they are usually made independently, so is this film. The film reuses some footage and the model of a city from Richard Elfman's 1994 film Shrunken Heads.[1] As a result, Zarkorr, the monster, does not appear in the film very often, and the cities the monster destroys always look similar.[1]

Critical Reception

Zarkorr! The Invader received negative reviews from critics, but has a cult following who tend to praise the monster Zarkorr, but not the movie as a whole.

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 13% of critics have given the film a positive review based out of 1 review, with an average rating of 1.3/5. There is currently no critical consensus on the website.

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