Witchouse 2: Blood Coven
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Witchouse 2: Bloodcoven is a horror film released in 2000 by Full Moon Features. The film is available in "R" rated and "Director's Cut" versions. The "Director's Cut" is 5 minutes longer than the "R" version. The only cast member to return from the original Witchouse is Ariauna Albright.


A supposedly haunted house in Covington County is being plowed over to make way for a shopping mall when four, unmarked graves are unearthed. A professor and her students are called in to identify the bodies. Unfortunately, these are the remains of Lilith LeFay and her Blood Coven. During an experiment, the professor mingles her blood with DNA fragments from Lilith's remains leading to her possession. One by one, the students transform into members of the coven to wreak havoc on the town that betrayed and killed them over 300 years ago.


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