DVD Cover
Vital statistics
Directed by David DeCoteau
Produced by Vlad Panescu
Charles Band
Written by Matthe Jason Walsh
Starring Matt Raftery
Monica Serene Garnich
Ariauna Albright
Brooke Mueller
Ashley McKinney
Dave Oren Ward
Dane Northcutt
Music by Jared DePasquale
Cinematography Gabriel Kosuth
Edited by Harry James Picardi
Running time 72 min.
Release date(s) 1999

Witchouse is a horror film released in 1999 by Full Moon Features. The film was rated R for violence, sexual situations, gore, language, and drug content. The movie has received mainly negative reviews. The independent film would eventually spawn two sequels.


On Mayday 1998 in the town of Dunwich, Massachusetts, Elizabeth gathers together a group of specially selected friends for a rather odd party. It turns out that she is the descendent of a malevolent witch named Lilith who was burned at the stake precisely three hundred years ago. Now Elizabeth hopes to resurrect her dreadful ancestor and has a specific (and murderous) need for the guests she has chosen.


  • Ariauna Albright – Lilith LaFey
  • Matt Raftery – Jack Smith
  • Monica Serene Garnich – Jennifer
  • Ashley McKinney – Elizabeth LaFey
  • Brooke Mueller – Janet
  • Dave Oren Ward – Tony (The film is dedicated to Dave Oren Ward who was murdered in Los Angeles during post-production).
  • Dane Northcutt – Scott
  • Marissa Tait – Maria
  • Ryan Scott Greene – Brad
  • Jason Faunt - Bob
  • Kimberly Pullis - Margaret

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