The Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt
The Killer Eye Halloween Haunt
DVD Cover
Vital statistics
Directed by Charles Band
Produced by Charles Band
Written by Kent Roudebush and August White
Starring Erica Rhodes, Olivia Alexander, Chelsea Edmundson, Ariana Madix and Lauren Furs
Music by Richard Kosinski and William Levine
Cinematography Terrance Ryker
Edited by Danny Draven
Running time 67 minutes
Release date(s) October 18, 2011

The Killer Eye 2: The Halloween Haunt is a 2011 Horror Comedy Film Directed by Full Moon Features and is a sequel to the 1999 The Killer Eye. The film is unrated, but contains strong language, sexuality, sexual content, nudity, violence, and some gore.


When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead. Things get steamy between the girls, until they accidentally unleash the half-pint, horrible Killer Eye, a perverse party crasher from beyond. Bent on having his way, the Killer Eye will stop at nothing until he gets exactly what he wants: a human mate.


  • Circus-Szalewski as Voice of Crystal Ball
  • Danielle Stewart as Voice of Mother
  • Erica Rhodes as Jenna
  • Olivia Alexander as Giselle
  • Chelsea Edmundson as Rocky
  • Ariana Madix as Catalina
  • Lauren Furs as Kiana

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The Killer Eye

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