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The Dead Hate the Living! is a 2000 low budget zombie film written and directed by Dave Parker and produced by Full Moon Entertainment.[1]


When a renegade band of young filmmakers break into an abandoned hospital to make their horror epic, they stumble upon a real dead body and decide to use it in their movie. They accidentally bring it back to life, open a portal to a dead world that releases dozens of other zombies, then struggle for their lives in a desperate attempt to flee from the creatures who apparently have them hopelessly trapped in the hospital.


  • Eric Clawson as David Poe
  • Jamie Donahue as Topaz
  • Brett Beardslee as Paul
  • Wendy Speake as Shelly Poe
  • Benjamin P. Morris as Eric
  • Rick Irwin as Marcus
  • David Douglas as Chas
  • Matt Stephens as Dr. Eibon
  • Kimberly Pullis as Nina Poe
  • Andre 'Doc' Newman as Maggot
  • Matthew McGrory as Gaunt
  • Ariauna Albright as Ellie Eibon
  • Mitch Persons as The Zombie

Critical response

Fatally Yours offered in their review that [the film] "is straight up one of the best Full Moon Entertainment movies out there for sure", praising the director and casting. They concluded by remarking that while the film might "seem like your typical cheesy horror film it does have it memorable moments that make you happy to be able to be viewing it."[2] Beyond Hollywood wrote that the film began with "the biggest cliche' of movie cliche's" in that the protagonists were themselves filmmakers filming a horror movie scene as part of the horror movie itself. They made note of the low budget and that the film was no exception to films of this genre not being known for presenting great acting, underscoring that the first 20 minutes were "excruciatingly bad", though granting that the acting did get better, leading the reviewer to suppose that the project was possibly shot in the same order as scripted, allowing the actors to become more comfortable with their characters as the film progressed.[3] eFilmCritic found the film to be "easily one of the absolute worst films to ever smudge a rental store shelf", opining that the film's script was cliche' and unoriginal, the pacing would "cause even snails to squirm with impatience", and concluding the review by writing the film was "horribly directed, horribly shot, and just plain horribly executed."[4]

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