Space Vampires


Bill, a high school student and avid horror movie fan, witnesses a UFO flying over his town. When the ship lands the next day, Bill and a team from SETI discover that the alien is a strange vampire creature who wants to cast the Earth into darkness so that he and his people can colonize it for themselves. Will Bill and the others be able to keep the Sun shining?


  • Robin Dunne ... Bill Swenson
  • Mac Fyfe ... Kevin Elliot James (as Mak Fyfe)
  • James Kee ... Hank
  • Lindy Booth ... Katie
  • Jesse Nilsson ... Jesse
  • Richard Clarkin ... Danvers
  • Bianca Brad ... Paula
  • Serban Celea ... Jonas
  • Tatiana Constantin ... Mrs. Stenson
  • Dan Badarau ... Mr. Stenson
  • Silvia Nastase ... Mrs. Gibson
  • Liviu Lucaci ... Mike
  • Cosmin Sofron ... Vlathos
  • Theodor Danetti ... Clerk
  • Adi Cuclea ... Andy
  • Claudiu Cuclea ... Randy
  • Mihaela Munteanu ... Vanessa
  • Crina Matei ... Chloe

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