Shredder Khan
Oriental by Agent Sarah
Shreddar Khan from Oriental by * Agent-Sarah at
Vital statistics
Name Shredder Khan
Gender Male
Alignment Ken Shii
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Chinese Medic
Status Active
First Appearance Puppet Master
Last Appearance Puppet Master 9: Axis of Evil

Sheddar Khan ("The Oriental Puppet'" or "Shogun") is perhaps one of the most unused or long-lost puppets in the series as he has only been seen twice, in the first movie's opening scene he just looks out a window, trying to find a pair of Nazis on the hunt for Andre. and then in Axis of Evil he is seen as the main hero opens the puppet trunk. Sheddar Khan was one of the few who had witnessed Andre Toulon's death. Inside him is the soul of a Chinese medic, named Ken Shii, who died of old age. Shredder Khan is the befriended brother of Gengie, Ninja and Mantis. Shreddar Khan knows all martial arts, especially forbidden arts. He can breathe out either acid mists or poison gas. His only weapons is Katana, Dao and Knuckledusters with 3 blonde sharp claws attached. He's the oldest and wisest puppet of the group and the strongest martial art puppet ever.


  • He's one of the few puppets not to kill anyone.
  • Shreddar Khan could be a fan name as no name was ever given to him.



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