Robot Wars
Vital statistics
Directed by Albert Band
Produced by N/A
Written by Charles Band
Jackson Barr
Starring Don Michael Paul
Barbara Crampton
James Staley
Lisa Rinna
Music by David Arkenstone
Cinematography N/A
Edited by N/A
Running time 60 min.
Release date(s) April 28, 1993

Robot Wars is a 1993 American science fiction film directed by Albert Band and written by Charles Band and Jackson Barr. It has been listed sometimes as a sequel to Robot Jox, but is not a real sequel, story-wise. It is closer to the vein of "another giant robot movie" from the same company.


A foreign dignitary, Wa-Lee (Danny Kamekona) and his partner Chou-Sing (Yuji Okumoto) are shown how to pilot the last active Mech on Earth, the MRAS-2 (which looks like a mechanized scorpion). They later hijack it and use it to threaten the Eastern Alliance into war. The only thing standing in their way is Drake (Don Michael Paul), a renegade pilot, and his friend Stumpy (James Staley), who find a humanoid robot long forgotten under the city, the MEGA-1. Along with Archeologist Leda (Barbara Crampton), they use the MEGA-1 to combat the MRAS-2 and prevent war.


  • Don Michael Paul as Drake
  • Barbara Crampton as Leda
  • James Staley as Stumpy
  • Lisa Rinna as Annie
  • Danny Kamekona as Wa-Lee
  • Yuji Okumoto as Chou-Sing
  • J. Downing as Lt. Plunkett
  • Peter Haskell as Rooney
  • Sam Scarber as Lt. Pritchard
  • Steve Eastin as Boles
  • Burke Byrnes as Technician


Robot Wars made its DVD debut in the 2007 box set "Full Moon Classics: Volume Two". The film was also featured in the limited edition box set "Full Moon Features: The Archive Collection", a 20th anniversary collection which featured 18 of Full Moon's most popular films. The film was released on DVD again by Shout! Factory on June 14, 2011, as a double feature DVD with Crash and Burn.

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