Puppet Master the Legacy 116
The Retro Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Retro-Six-Shooter
Gender Male
Alignment Afzel
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Puppeteer Employee
Status Active
First Appearance Retro Puppet Master
Last Appearance Retro Puppet Master
Retro-Six-Shooter is one of the retro puppets. He was animated by the soul of the sorcerer Afzel. He killed one of the Sutekh's servants by shooting the chandelier chains, causing it to crush him. The two other henchmen retreated.

Differences from the other Six-Shooter

There are several notable differences between this Six Shooter and the other one.

  1. This one does not have a hat or bandana.
  2. He is not painted and doesn't have eyes.
  3. He has crude guns for hands rather than actually carrying pistols.
  4. Wears a black shirt and maroon overalls instead of the cowboy outfit.
  5. He cannot climb walls like the original Six Shooter.
  6. He does not have a gold tooth.


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