Puppet Wars I: Curse of the Puppet Master
Puppet Wars I Curse of the Puppet Master
Theatrical poster
Vital statistics
Directed by N/A
Produced by N/A
Written by N/A
Starring N/A
Music by N/A
Cinematography N/A
Edited by N/A
Running time N/A
Release date(s) Unreleased, written in 1994
Puppet Wars I: Curse of the Puppet Master is an unreleased movie that a script was written for.

Plot Edit

Andre Toulon and his creations battles the Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Nazis. Guy Rolfe set to return as Toulon and Turhan Bay being considered for the part of a mysterious Egyptian. Funding fell through at the last minute, but not before second unit footage was shot of an old–fashioned steam train in Romania, footage that was eventually used in Retro Puppet Master.

Trivia Edit

  • Scripts for all three parts can be found at:
  • Christopher Lee was available to play Andre Toulon during this time.
  • Bombshell was created for this series but she was later redesigned and used in Axis Rising.
  • This series was a tribute to the Hammer and Universal monster movies.
  • The plot in this series was similar to the one in Indiana Jones with the Nazis in Egypt setting.
  • The Curse title was recycled and used for a different movie.

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