Blade- Faust
The Devil Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Mephisto
Gender Male
Alignment Reiko Y. Megumi
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Historian
Status Deceased
First Appearance Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations
Last Appearance Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations

Mephisto is the devil puppet that was made and named after The Most Famous Devil of Satan, Mephistopheles. He takes away the enemy's energy powers with Energy conversion and see in the dark with Night Vision. He has the soul of Reiko Y. Megumi. His only weapons is a scythe and a crystal ball. He got killed in a burst of flames by Caira Merchant.


  • His head looks exactly like Blade's head, but Blade does not have the devil horns.
  • Blade must be designed after Mephisto
  • The Fullmoon toy of him came with a glass sphere but in the movie he never had one.


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