Unknown nazi
Gestapo Major Sturmbannfuhrer Krause is the Main Nazi Colonel Villain who shot Elsa S. Toulon and wants to execute Andre' Toulon for spoofing Hitler in a puppet show and for making the puppet come to life. He was the man who shot and killed Toulon's wife, Elsa. He was killed by the puppet master and his puppets. For years of being tortured in Hell, Katana summons him and give him a second chance at having his revenge on the puppets. He goes to Earth and attacks the puppets and kidnaps Sarah's older sister, Katie, hostage. Sarah and Blade chases after to save her. After a long battle, Sarah risked her life when she grabs Kraus into a head lock and Blade stabs him (and her) in the heart, killing the both of them. After that, Katana was not happy that he lost. And for his failure, he was send back to Hell, to be forever torture again. He got attacked and axed by Andre' Toulon and his puppet army.

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