Drill Sargent
Drill Sergeant
The Retro Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Retro-Tunneler
Gender Male
Alignment Vigo Garrison
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Puppeteer Employee
Status Active
First Appearance Retro Puppet Master
Last Appearance Retro Puppet Master
Drill Sargent (originally known as Retro Tunneler ) is one of the first Toulon puppets. He has the soul of Vigo Garrison. Featured only in Retro Puppet master, he is the original Tunneler, and he has yet to "kill" any one on screen.

Differences from the other Tunneler

there is big differences from the other Tunneler as they have a different design.

  1. This one is not painted as the other one has human skin color
  2. This Tunnler has white eyes as the other one had dark black eyes.
  3. This one has a brown sleeveless shirt and shorts and has no shoes as the other one has a military style outfit with paint and boots.
  4. His drill head seems to be larger than the other ones.


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