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Dragonworld is a 1994 film. It is the third film to be released by Moonbeam Entertainment, the children's video division of Full Moon Entertainment.


Young John McGowan travels to Scotland to live at his grandfather's castle after he loses both his parents in a traffic accident. At the magical wishing tree on his grandfather's estate, he conjures up a baby dragon, whom he nicknames "Yowler". They grow up together, and one day documentary film maker Bob Armstrong, his daughter Beth, and his pilot Brownie McGee stumble upon Yowler. Eager for fame and money, Bob convinces John to "rent" Yowler to local corrupt businessman, Lester McIntyre. John, who is coaxed in part by the offer to have the mounting taxes on the castle paid off, allows Lester to take Yowler in. He does so also partly because of his growing interest in Beth. Yowler is miserable and harassed in the new theme park built for him, and when it becomes clear that McIntyre has duped them in order to exploit the dragon, John and his new friends take action.


  • Courtland Mead as Young Johnny McGowan
  • Janet Henfrey as Miss Twittingham
  • Alastair Mackenzie as Sam Mackenzie and John McGowan
  • Brittney Powell as Beth Armstrong
  • John Calvin as Bob Armstrong
  • John Woodvine as Lester MacIntyre
  • Jim Dunk as Brownie McGee
  • Lila Kaye as Mrs. Cosgrove
  • Andrew Keir as Angus McGowan

Home media

The film was released directly to videocassette and laserdisc in 1994 by Paramount Home Video. To this very day, the film has never been released on DVD and Blu-Ray and as of April 24, 2011, neither Paramount Pictures or Full Moon Features has yet to announce any plans for a DVD release.


A sequel to the film, Dragonworld: The Legend Continues was released directly to video in 1999, although filmed in 1996. The film bears little relation to the first movie and has received mainly negative reviews.

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