Doctor Death
The Skeleton Surgaon Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Dr. Death
Gender Male
Alignment Duval Robinson
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Puppeteer Employee
Status Active
First Appearance Retro Puppet Master
Last Appearance Retro Puppet Master

Dr. Death is one of retro puppets that Andre Toulon had the soul of one of his friends, named Duval Robinson.


The skeleton surgeon puppet who houses the soul Andre's friend during his younger days. As a result the two became partners in law in whatever situation they fall into. With his scalpel knife, he tore open much flesh and did many "successful" surgeries on his victims. Doctor Death was built in Toulon's younger days when he was a chemist, master at anatomy, and puppeteer. Doctor Death is a puppet armed with medical tools, capable of tearing human flesh apart in a painful manner and he can unlock doors like a key. Some people say that Dr. Death is the Retro equivalent of Jester.



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