Danny Coogan
Danny Coogan is a average 18-20 year old boy. When Danny was little, he was ill of a disease common back in the day called "Polio", located in his leg.

He is now handicapped, making him angry, and wanting to wish that he never made it through, because he cannot go over sea's and fight in the war. He almost didn't make it, almost killing him completly.

This worring family members such as his mother, his brother Don, his Aunt Jane,and his Uncle Len who owns the Bodega Bay inn where not only Danny's new friend Mr. Andre Toulon shot himself because two Nazi's located him after a wild goose chase.

Andre would not hand the secret of the formula over to the Nazi's, who would just use it carelessley like anyone else who would inherit it. Danny, being a good friend of Toulons, took the puppets after hearing the gun shot that Toulon fired in his mouth, (shown in Axis of Evil, and PM1).

After taking the formula back to China town were he lives in a run down apartment with his mom, brother, and not far from his girl friend, Beth, who works at the factory in San Diego with Ben/Max a Nazi who came to kill Andre Toulon in the first place to get the formula.

Danny remembers Max the Nazi from the hotel when he was restoring furniture. Max bumped into Danny on his way out of Toulons room. Danny went to visit his girl friend at the manufacturing plant, and noticed it was him in disguies!


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