Vital statistics
Name Bombshell
Gender Female
Alignment Dr. Hanna Claire, Milte Sakuya and Uschi
Relatives Nazi Puppets
Occupation Nazi Soldier
Status Deceased
First Appearance Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
Last Appearance Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
Bombshell is one of the puppets that will be in the upcoming movie, Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. She will be fighting along with the Nazi. She can shoot out bombs from her chest-like shooters. She has the soul of Dr. Hanna Claire, Milte Sakuya and Uschi. She fights off with the puppets and shot Pinhead she picks a fight with Leech Woman. She gets shot to death by Six-Shooter


  • She was base on the original Bombshell that was originally going to appear in the puppet master spin-off title, Puppet Wars.
  • She and Leech Woman are the only puppet that are females


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