Vital statistics
Name Blitzkrieg
Gender Robotic male
Alignment Geoff Granoien
Relatives Nazi Puppets
Occupation German genius
Status Deceased
First Appearance Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
Last Appearance Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

Blitzkrieg is a is a robotic tank puppet, not the first in the series, he is also a Nazi puppet, not the only Nazi puppet in the series. Along with Bombshell, Kamikaze, and Weremacht, Blitzkrieg will be fighting with Nazi's in WWII. He has the soul of Geoff Granoien. He gives out electric shocks to anyone who touches him. His eyes blinkly glows red in robot-style. He gets beat up to death by Pinhead.



  • The Nazi puppet was designed after Torch and Tank and seems to borrow some designs of Mr.Static from Demonic Toys.
    Blitzkrieg is the Leader of The Nazi Puppets, his crew is Bombshell, Kamikaze, and Weremacht.
  • In the scenes of Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, he only used his big left arm pistol, never his little right arm pistol.

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